Coach Judkins has the most wins of any BYU women’s head basketball coach


It was a proud moment as the final buzzer rang in the Marriott Center on Jan. 12. BYU won its battle against Pepperdine 80-56, but winning that game was more significant than just the scores. Coach Jeff Judkins now holds the record for the most wins, 220, of any BYU women’s basketball coach.

“It means that I’ve had great players,” Judkins said. “It’s gone fast … I just enjoy coaching and winning makes me happy. I’m doing something I’ve wanted to do my whole life.”

The emotions ran high from the players and fans as Judkins was recognized for his great achievement.

“We wouldn’t want to play with any other coach,” senior Hayley Steed said. “He’s awesome. I don’t know of any other coach who better prepares his team.”

Teammate Jennifer Hamson agreed she feels confident under Judkins’ coaching.

“He’s the type of coach who always strives for excellence and always wants to push us to be excellent in everything,” Hamson said. “Playing under him has always been the best drive for excellence.”

Judkins, a former NBA basketball player, has bcoached the team for 11 years. He has three MWC season titles, and the team went to the Sweet 16 in the postseason WNIT. Adding to his accomplishments, he has coached two All-American players, Ambrosia Anderson and Erin Thorn.

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