Join the War on Winter


It’s time to take up arms because the BYU Events Management Team has declared war on Old Man Winter.

In an effort to support those looking to overcome the winter blues, the Events Team is organizing a night of fun and games to lift sunken spirits and take control of January.

Utah may have been temporarily spared from ice and snow, but January’s cold weather is definitely taking a toll on students. Scarves, beanies and gloves are becoming even more frequent on campus as students try and fight freezing temperatures.

“It gets to that point in January when you’re just so stressed out over school, it’s cold, you haven’t seen the sun in what seems like forever, and you’re looking for something fun to do,” said Alex Land, a sophomore from Riverside, Calif., studying public health.

On Friday, Jan. 20, from 8-11:30 p.m, the Wilkinson Center will transform into a battle ground for the “Join the War on Winter” event, a night of fun activities that are sure to alleviate stress and warm everyone’s spirits.

As part of this war, the Events Team has put together a pretty strong arsenal to beat the enemy.

“There will be laser tag, dances, ping pong, Warren Miller Movies, inflatables and lots of other activities to make it a night full of fun,” said Ron Jones, assistant director of Student Leadership.

Admission price is only $3 and is open to everyone looking to have a great time. On top of the many attractions, Jamba Juice, Taco Bell and Sugar and Spice will remain open, offering discounts to those wanting refreshments as they enjoy the activities.

This is the fifth year the management team has hosted an event, though every year is a little different and this is the first time they have ever done a theme like this.

“Last year we held a concert and about 1,200 people came out,” Jones said.

The Events Team is hoping even more people will attend this year, and are confident the low admission price and activities will draw a big crowd.

“Like everything else, the more people you have, the more fun it will be,” Land said.

The management team will be out advertising in the Wilkinson Center this week and handing out “Join the War on Winter” shirts.

Additional information can be found on the events website, as well as the Facebook page under BYU Events Team.

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