Word to the Ys: January 13


“I hope students will use it to get more attractive. If they get more attractive then we will see more people getting married.” — Kim Rawson, on the new Student Fitness Center in room 293 of the Smith Fieldhouse

“It was so extremely hard and I was tired all the time, but I think the main problem was that I felt like I should be doing more because these bloggers were clearly ‘wonder women’ and I wasn’t.” — Elyse Powell Brantingham, a mommy-blogger who initially felt she couldn’t measure up to her fellow mommy-bloggers

“The ironic thing about Velour is that our goal is to help build bands to the point that they outgrow Velour.” — Corey Fox, owner of Velour Live Music Gallery, which is celebrating its 6th anniversary this weekend with special shows Friday and Saturday night

“When I moved to Utah from Detroit, I noticed many African children who were adopted and knew nothing of their heritage.” — Jennifer Stott, director/president of Elikya Dance and Drum Company. The company’s new production, “Africa: Music, Culture, Dance,” features young children of African descent

“The BCS is sort of like the weather: everybody talks about it, complains about it, but nobody knows what they can do about it. ” — Lee Simon, an anti-trust lawyer who is pursuing a lawsuit against college football’s Bowl Championship Series, or BCS

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