Letter: One More Exit


Everyone gets frustrated leaving an airplane. You have to wait for the person in front of you to move, and if you’re in a rush, feelings of anxiety and stress increase. Wouldn’t it make sense for airplanes to have two exits? Having two exits would increase convenience, efficiency and reduce congestion. With this in mind, wouldn’t it make sense to have more than one useable exit to the Harold B. Lee Library? There are multiple exits to the library, but none of them are useable unless there is an emergency. As a result, congestion is common at the entrance, and stressful scenarios ensue, especially when it’s time for class.

In addition to congestion, it is inconvenient to exit at the north end of the library when most of the class buildings reside on the south side of campus. Precious time is wasted when you are at the opposite side of the exit and then have to backtrack to get to class once you have left the library. Even just one more exit would eliminate the backtracking problem and simplify transitioning to class. As a student who prefers to study in the back of the library, it is annoying to have to walk to the front of the library to leave once I’m done.

All I’m asking for is one more exit.

Pittsburg, Calif.

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