New Hampshire Primary Election Forecast


With Mitt Romney in the lead, and the New Hampshire Presidential Primary within sight, only time will tell if the former Governor of Massachusetts will be the first to make history.

After his narrow victory in the Iowa caucus only a week ago, Romney still holds the greatest lead in New Hampshire, putting him in the perfect position to make history. Should he take the granite state today, he will be the first presidential candidate other than an incumbent president to take both Iowa and New Hampshire, according to an article by the Miami Herald. Such a feat could potentially fuel his campaign through the primaries and eventually win him the Republican presidential nomination.

What makes taking both states so special?

Iowa is heavily influenced by evangelical voters who are concerned mainly with social issues and seek a candidate who shares their highly conservative views. New Hampshire, on the other hand, allows both registered Republicans and Independents to vote, making the state more centrist overall, according to an article by the Washington Post.

For this reason, many candidates choose to focus on one state rather than the other, or skip one entirely as Senator John McCain did both in 2000 and 2008, according to the same article.

Despite his great ambition, Romney seems confident in his lead as he calls on supporters in New Hampshire to stand up and vote.

“Tomorrow, New Hampshire will stand up and be counted,” he tweeted early Monday. “I’m asking for your vote. Let’s make history.”

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