It’s fah real: Nicolitalia Pizzeria brings authentic Boston-style pizza to Provo

Photo by Carmen Dunford | A half pepperoni/cheese pizza from Nicolitalia Pizzeria.
By claiming to know Mitt Romney’s favorite soft drink flavor combination and by selling appetizahs and build-yah-own pizzas, Nicolitalia Pizzeria is surely Provo’s resident Boston pizza expert.

Nick DellaCioppa Jr., a Boston native, came to Utah a second time in 2005 after studying at Utah State University, to open up Nicolitalia, located at 2295 N. University Parkway in Provo. The restaurant features Boston-style pizza, pasta and calzones.

A Saturday evening draws in a dynamic crowd, including loyal college-student customers. Mike Bianutti, a sophomore at Utah Valley University, is a big fan of the culinary creations.

“The food is really good,” he said. “It’s the best pizza I’ve found here in Utah County and Nick is a really nice guy. I really enjoy talking to him.”

With a true Boston accent, Nick is often found working right behind the counter, which helps give a chill atmosphere to the pizzeria. The relaxed ambience is also created by signs claiming the Pizzeria to be the “Official sponsor of the ‘Oh my heck’ moment’ and to have ‘The best Boston style pizza this side of Wooster [Worcester], Mass.’ ”

“I don’t know if it’s the Boston atmosphere as it is the humor, with all the signs on the wall, but it’s a nice little spot to come hang out,” Bianutti said.

The restaurant itself isn’t really the main draw, with all the varieties of Italian food to try. The specialty pizzas, which range in price from $10.99-13.49 for a 12-inch, include the Mahk Anthony with chicken, bacon, spinach and mozzarella. These are commonly ordered, but customers also love the calzones.

“They do a really good calzone, I love the dough,” said Bryce Lawrne, a sophomore at BYU.

With all the fast food pizza chains around, a real pizza place with a wait time might seem scary. But on a Saturday evening, waiting 10 minutes for a cheese pizza is normal and is worth it for the authentic Boston taste.

“I feel like it’s more of a home-style than your commercial restaurant,” Lawrne said.

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