Lowes Xtreme Air Sports


The funnest things always require signing a waiver.

Lowes Xtreme Air Sports gym fits solidly in the “fun” category, with its Euro trampolines dispersed among huge foam pits, climbing walls and tumble tracks. “Xtreme” might seem an exaggeration until you see your roommate jump off a 10-foot carpeted box onto an Olympic trampoline, and from there do a triple front flip into a lake of foam cubes.

“There are so many things here you can’t do on your backyard trampoline,” said Jason Christensen, assistant to the manager.

Photo courtesy Lowes Xtreme Air Sports.

The 25-foot climbing wall is positioned over a foam pit, so falling is a thrill and not a tragedy.  The tumble track is a 50-foot long skinny trampoline that ends in a foam pit.

Imagine back-flip, back-flip, back-flip, double-back flip, foam. Not Jackie Chan. You.

The newest piece of Xtreme is a trapeze. Sampo Hynynen, a BYU student, said that although you can do crazy things there, nobody needs to be intimidated.

Photo courtesy Lowes Xtreme Air Sports.

“It’s fun even for the non-tumbler,” Hynynen said.

Even your wallet will have a blast.  On school days before 6 p.m., 1.5 hours of full access costs $5.  It costs a dollar more after six.

Fridays and Saturdays, it costs $6 before 6 p.m., and $8 after.

If you want another 1.5 hours, a consecutive session is half price. The website gives a printable version of a waiver, which you are supposed to print out and bring to the gym.

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