Noteworthy’s concert is one you won’t want to miss


Green ties and vests characterize nine women who travel the world and represent BYU  through standards, actions and music.

A women’s a cappella group, Noteworthy’s annual concert will be held Friday at 7:30 p.m.

McKenzie Giles, who has been a member of Noteworthy for two years, said this is an event for music-lovers of all ages. The concert will be full of exciting and inspiring performances, she said.

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Noteworthy sings the national anthem before a BYU-UNLV women's basketball game at the Marriott Center..
“Our concert is going to be a full-on show with costume changes, choreography and the unveiling of some new songs arranged by girls in the group and Noteworthy alumni,” Giles said.

Katie Jensen, a member of Noteworthy for four years, said the concert is an affordable option for anyone who is running low on date ideas.

“Tickets are cheaper than going on a date to a movie,” Jensen said.

Managing director Amanda Crabb said the group has had a unique year preparing for the concert and also preparing to compete in the International Championship of Collegiate A Capella competition. The members of the group have grown closer and learned more about their sound as a group, she said.

“The better they know each other, the better they sing,” Crabb said. “The more they like each other, the better they sound.”

Noteworthy members also believe there is an important responsibility that comes with their opportunity to perform. Both Jensen and Giles agree sharing their testimonies is central to their love of being a part of Noteworthy. As they travel, they are able to share what they know as members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

“We sing hymns that bring up questions,” Jensen said. “We’ve had people email us after seeing videos of us singing ‘How Great Thou Art.'”

Through singing hymns that share messages of hope and love, Noteworthy has a large platform for missionary work. Crabb said the members of the group have put a lot of effort into choosing songs that represent the group and what it stands for.

Giles also said audience members and fans will enjoy their show because the style of music is entertaining and the fun it radiates is contagious.

“It’s a style of music that’s growing and spreading quickly to many different kinds of people, and it’s fun to be a part of this new phenomenon,” Giles said. “We started from a single woman’s idea and we’ve been so blessed to have grown and become as well-known as we are.”

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