Getting start at BYU with a job


Most students find part-time jobs attractive to them because of the benefits such as experience and extra income.

For BYU students, the Student Employment office is a great resource for finding on-campus jobs. Moreover, the office also provides helps and tips for students who do not have experience in applying for a job.

“I found my current job through the BYU website,” said Ashley Marx, a junior majoring in elementary education. “And it’s really helpful.”

Marx said she went on the BYU job website, created an online profile and applied. Finding and applying jobs through that website was not a hard process for Marx, and she found her job really fast.

“They have tips for resumes and cover letters [at the Student Employment office],” Marx said. “So I followed those instructions. I just wrote a resume and emailed it to a whole bunch of people, and I got multiple interviews.”

Marx now works for the Student Employee office. She said a lot of students do not know where to find jobs, and the office has more resources than people are aware of.

“I would suggest [students] just look on the website everyday,” Marx said. “It’s updated every morning with new jobs, and I would also suggest not being afraid to go talk to people and ask if they would be hiring.”

Camilla Myrrha, a sophomore majoring in photography, said she, too, found her last job through the BYU job website. Myrrha said the job board in the Wilkinson Student Center is also helpful in finding jobs.

“I just went to the Student Employment office to take the Office Skills Test, so they were helpful with that,” she said.

Collette Blackwelder, manager of the Student Employment office, said each department creates the job post and sends it to the office to be posted on the job website and job board.

“We have some resources and some articles that are available,” Blackwelder said. “We have a Facebook page that answers questions.”

She said the students should know that the SE office is not the only place to find jobs on campus. Some jobs, especially academic jobs, can be found through different colleges.

“I get asked the question about the hot jobs or coolest jobs on campus a lot, and you may not like my answer,” Blackwelder said. “My answer is there is something for everybody.”

Last month, 13,973 students earned their paycheck on campus, she said. So about 43 percent of BYU students are working on campus.

“We hire more students on campus than any other college that we are aware of,” Blackwelder said.

To prepare for applying for a job, students have to create a resume even before they start to look for jobs, she said. Students can also create their online resume on the job website. Blackwelder said students should take the Office Skills Test in advance so they can have it available whenever a job requires it.

“The other key thing is for the student to network,” she said. “And don’t just apply for one and wait to hear whether you get the job. Apply until you are offered for a position.”

The information about on-campus jobs are available at: or

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