New program puts a twist on dating


BYU students are well aware of the dating scene in Provo but a new program has put a twist on the typical scavenger hunt date.

Dating can be fun. Now say it again. Yes, Dating can be fun.

A new program called will encourage more dating said BYU graduate and creator Jensen Warnock.

“I think that this has the potential to encourage more dating, and more activity in general,” Warnock said. “Even if it is just a group of friends who want to go do something together.”

According to Warnock, is similar to Geocaching but rather than using caches, the scavenger hunt utilizes QR codes.

Acording to Warnock, a typical date could go something like this. Brett and Jessica will sign up for the date either on or via text and neither of them know will know what lays ahead as they begin their double-blind scavenger hunt date. The couple will arrive first at a place and scan a QR code. The code will give them a discount to their current location and it will also give them a hint to their next destination. Upon arriving at the next destination the couple will, again, scan the QR code on the window and receive another discount and receive the hint to their next destination. Brett and Jessica will continue the pattern for as long as they desire.

Knowing the common feeling of reluctance or dread when it comes to planning dates, Warnock said will help people do something fun without having to plan. Warnock also offers an insurance, of sorts, to weary or reluctant date planners.

“It takes off the pressure from trying to impress any potential significant others with the planned evening,” Warnock said. “If they don’t absolutely love one part of the date then you can always tell them that you agree, and you never would have planned to go to that particular part. In other words you can blame if part of the date is boring. In the future, we will have more options to choose from, and so you should be able to choose the types of dates you would like.”

Luke Hendricks, a junior studying business management said one of the things that intrigues him the most is the idea of the preplanned date.

“What seems most appealing to me is the value of the preplanned date,” Hendricks said. “It’s sometimes hard to come up with good date ideas, makes it simple, easy, and cheap to have a good date experience. ”

Christian Faulconer, CEO of Franchise Foundry said that’s dating program is a great idea because it will help the local economy and because it solves a problem many daily deal companies face: a way to encourage customer engagement.

“ creates a unique brand experience for the customer and I think that engagement will make it more likely that stores will retain customers they acquire this way,” Faulconer said.

While the program will begin with a three-stop model for the dates, Warnock said there are a lot of possibilities for expansion in the future depending on activity from students.

“The more people use it, the more fun things we can get,” Warnock said. “The possibilities are endless so let’s see how creative we can get.”

Those who are interested in can scan the QR code (above) to get started.

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