Sweet winter treats are a must this season


The Christmas season has many students looking forward to the comforts of home, including mom’s baked goods, but until they get there, students should also be aware of the unique treats hidden in the Provo area.

“A hot roll from Shirley’s Homemade Bakery is like a hug from your grandma; it’s simply the best,” said Kaitlyn Bourne, a junior and history major from Fort Worth.  “I would definitely recommend the orange rolls, and the sweet dinner rolls. They also make great little pastries that are excellent weekend treats.”

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Somers Neibaur, Alisse Frandsen and Breanna Ashbell enjoy a winter weather treat at the BYU Creamery. Cocoa and cream combines hot chocolate and Creamery ice cream.
Hot chocolate quickly comes to mind when the weather gets cold. Though a variety of locations offer hot chocolate, El Azteca is the only place around that offers Mexican hot cocoa — a rare and spicy treat.

“I don’t like hot chocolate, and I liked El Azteca hot chocolate,” said Elise McAllister, a junior and family and consumer science education major from Dallas.

The secret ingredient not included in the average hot chocolate drink is cinnamon.

“It’s not your typical hot chocolate experience, it’s just really good,” McAllister said.

The BYU Creamery is another place to find unique hot cocoa. Called a cocoa and cream, it’s a hot chocolate with a scoop of any flavor of ice cream.

For classic baked goods, The Chocolate, a dessert cafe, offers a variety of treats including cakes, brownies and tarts.

“I love the Chocolate because … it’s this old Victorian house and they’ve repainted and redecorated and there are comfy couches all throughout the house,” said Anna Strange, a senior from Helena, Mont., majoring in recreation management.

Strange said her favorite treat is a slice of the Kitty Katrine cake. It’s a moist white cake layered with fruit filling.

For the non-cake fans living in Provo, Strange also suggested the cazookie from The Chocolate as well. The cazookie is a hot cookie served with a huge scoop of ice cream. There are three flavors of cookie dough to choose from.

“My husband and I like to do the peanut butter cookie dough and the chocolate chip cookie dough, half and half,” Strange said. “It’s so filling and it’s so good.”

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