Cross cliche Christmas gifts off that list


Twas the morning of Christmas, when all through the house

All the children were running to the family room couch.

They went through their stockings and sat in the room

In hopes they could open their Christmas gifts soon.

“No one wants something non-creative people are about,”

Senior Hilary Onyon of Bountiful said with a shout.

“Lazy or old people give them; if you can’t go to the store, that’s OK,”

said sophomore Derrick Figueroa. “You never want to give gifts that are cliche.”

Cliche gifts: pajamas, board games and socks,

Christmas sweaters, lotions, popcorn or candy in a box.

“Moms think it’s cute, so it’s OK for them to give it,”

said senior Katie Bair. “For anyone else it’s lame …  get a little more wit.”

Samuel Call from Denver likes snow clothes and gear

But his mom had a different idea for her dear.

Instead he got staples and pencils for BYU

“I’m not going to pre-school Mom,” he said. “Might as well have gotten glue too.”

Figueroa knows what to expect year after year

Trying to keep up the fun holiday cheer.

Another shirt from grandma, trying to look joyous and glad,

Really he thought, “Dang it, again? Are my shirts really that bad?”

There’s a strategy to cliche gifts that nobody wants

Even those ugly Christmas sweaters no one can flaunt.

Senior Adam Tekurio said, “Throw it away or if it’s uneaten …  give it away.”

Bair said hide it unless it gets in the way.

Some people use them, giving givers false hope

Figueroa wears grandma’s shirts in hopes she won’t mope.

She’ll see him and smile saying “Mijo, I love you,”

But grandma was tricked; she didn’t have the first clue.

Onyon received scented lotion from a friend

Not really her favorite but wouldn’t offend.

So to make her friend happy with a friendship to last

She used the gift only before a shared class.

When it’s time to buy gifts you know what not to buy

To prevent dreary thank yous, and a heavy sad sigh.

Cliche gifts, said Logan Jones from Denver, bring an awkward pause

But if you don’t get what you want,  rely on Santa Claus.

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