After graduation, then what? Try taking the BAT


Students pursuing further education after a bachelor’s degree are familiar with test acronyms such as GRE, GMAT, LSAT and MCAT, but few students have heard of the BAT.

The Bloomberg Assessment Test, designed by leading financial institutions and academic associations, is now in its second year of existence. Its purpose is to help students get competitive jobs around the country with minimal effort. The test is designed to uncover students’ knowledge and skills relevant to a financial career, but anyone can take it.

According to Jesus Diaz, director of University Marketing Operations for North and South America at the Bloomberg institute, one of the main benefits of the BAT is that it’s free. This is made possible because of employers who subscribe to the test results and scan them daily in search of top talent.

Diaz said some employers spend up to $40,000 per year at Bloomberg in order to find the best entry-level candidates.

More than 20,000 students from around the world have taken the test so far, and many, like BYU student John Welling, have had success from their efforts.

“It is a great opportunity to prove to employers that you know where your interests lie, and that you are able to prove your competence in your area of specialty,” Welling said.

Another benefit students enjoy is the ability to compare their scores with students around the world the same day they take the test. In addition, students can choose to have their results published so employers can view them. The results are posted anonymously until an employer desires to reach out to a student, at which time the student can choose to communicate with they employer or remain anonymous.

Austin Trent, a recent BYU graduate, said he received requests from companies after they saw his test scores, but that the test was beneficial for other reasons as well.

“It was a confidence builder,” Trent said. “I was able to identify weak areas and I was able to talk about them during job interviews.”

Whether for practice or for a future career opportunity, the BAT is another way for students to get their names out in the job market. The BAT will be available at BYU during the spring semester or in Bloomberg offices around the country.

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