Testing Center fees cover department expenses


As finals week quickly approaches all the frustrations surrounding the Testing Center begin to come to the forefront of students’ minds, but one Testing Center employee wants to ease some some of the tension about the inevitable fees hundreds of students will be forced to pay.

Justin Clegg, a junior advertising major from New Delhi, India, said he thinks students get angry over late fees because they are misinformed.

“My purpose is to inform students about late fees,” he said. “They know where they go and who gets the funds because I feel they carry a lot of grudges.”

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Kylie Durham, an employee at the Testing Center, hands out a test Thursday afternoon.
He said he believes students think somehow the money is paying the testing center employees, but he said this is not true.

“A lot of students think the late fees are from the Testing Center and that the students who work there pocket the money,” Clegg said. “If students knew the the funds were given back to the departments, I think they would feel a lot better about it.”

Clegg said he wants to inform students that the only fees redirected back into the Testing Center are the pencil and calculator fees.

While it is true many students are misinformed about who is setting the fees, the negative feelings they harbor did not change when some learned the truth about where the fees go.

Maxwell Pond, a junior human development major from Los Angeles, said he still does not understand why students still have to pay the fees.

“I don’t mind spending money on things I want to buy,” he said. “Like candy or other accessories, but when I have to pay money on things I don’t want to buy, I leave feeling bitter.”

Adriana Turley, a junior neuroscience major from Lima, Peru, said it doesn’t matter to her where the funds go.

“I just don’t know why they charge us for taking test, for classes we have already paid hundreds of dollars for,” Turley said. “It doesn’t matter if it goes to the departments because we pay enough already.”

Turley said she believes if more money is needed they should add it to tuition instead of small surprising fees popping up all the time.

“I don’t understand why it’s not part of our tuition,” she said. “Sometimes, I log into my financial account and I see a lot of fees I am unaware of.”

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