Athletes face end of semester stress


By Blake Tillotson

Faithful fans rarely see BYU athletes out of their element. That means a whole lot of dunking, kicking, throwing and spiking. But what about when they put down the ball and pick up the pencil?

Offensive linemen Braden Hansen is one of many student-atheletes with a lot on his plate during this time of year.

“Homework, reading, projects that I have to do. We’re taking off for Hawaii tomorrow so i’ll be gone for the rest of the week and then we have two weeks until finals,” said Hansen.

[easyembed field=”Vimeo”]With all the time student athletes spend on the road missing class, it’s only fair they receive a little special treatment. Take for example the Student-Athlete Academic Center, offering students a quiet place to study and tutors ready to help.

“They definitely offer us tutors, but you have to take advantage of that and find time to meet with tutors. Because we’re at football from basically 1 to 6  every day, which is almost like a fulltime job,” said Hansen.

Football players aren’t the only athletes will a busy schedule. Over the next two weeks the Men’s Basketball Team has two road trips.

“Yeah well this is a really challenging time,” said BYU basketball coach Dave Rose. “The end of any semester but especially one where you’re involved in a really heavy playing schedule. Our finals week is coming up in two weeks, so the guys time management skills right now are really important.”

Fortunately for BYU athletes, administrators make a conscious effort to schedule mostly home games this close to the end of the semester.

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