Gymnastics team preparing for season


By Otavio Souza

With football, women’s volleyball and soccer season about to end, BYU fans will have other sports to cheer for, and gymnastics is one of them.

Most of gymnasts start their career really young, and preparation is a key factor to succeed.The BYU gymnastics team is working hard to get ready to start its 2012 season. Head coach Brad Cattermole said long periods of training help to improve athletes’ performance and that is what makes gymnastics so different from other sports.

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“It’s not like a lot of other sports where you can step in and in a couple of weeks and of be ready to go,” Cattermole said. “Gymnastics you train year-round.”

After a good season having only two seniors on the team, the Cougars will count on five seniors for the next season, and they hope to do even better. BYU is the 27th-ranked team in the nation and finished the 2011 NCAA regional championship in 6th place. The senior and captain of the team Jennifer Lezeu, wants to use her experience to help younger teammates to get better.

“The seniors want to be a good example for the rest of the girls,” Lezeu said. “That is a huge thing that the  upperclassmen need to do.”

The cougars will travel to compete in North Carolina on Jan. 14. Their first challenge at home will be against Boise State on Feb. 4.

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