Get closer to your date – really close


“Attached at the hip” usually refers to people who can’t seem to spend time apart. But on this group date, couples are literally attached at the hip.

Each couple wears a giant T-shirt — two shirts sewn together, leaving each shirt with two heads, but only two arms. Resembling Siamese twins, couples then try to go on a normal date.

“I liked being able to get really close to my date,” said Celeste Higley, a junior elementary education major from Cleveland. “It was a lot of fun.”

The date takes some preparation but is relatively cheap. The T-shirts cost less than $5 per couple and take about an hour to make.

[media-credit name=”Hilary Sederholm” align=”alignright” width=”300″][/media-credit]
Here's a date idea: make a giant T-shirt and share it with your significant other. From left to right: Lindsey Cahoon, Cameron Christenson, Shalese Peterson, Aaron Beenfield, Lindsay Bragg, Kris Davis, Hilary Sederholm, Rob Swenson, Wendy Saffen Bean, Michael Bean, Celeste Higley and Tyler Peters.
The original idea was taken from a Young Women’s activity.

“I was talking to my mom on the phone, and she was talking about how she was making the T-shirts for an activity she was having,” said Hilary Sederholm, a junior elementary education major from Rogers, Ark. “They were going to play baseball, but I told her I was taking her idea to plan a date where we went out to eat and went bowling.”

Rob Swenson only knew one other person in the group aside from his date but by the end of the night he said he felt as though he was friends with everyone.

“It was definitely the kind of date where you can get to know people,” said Swenson, 22, a former UVU student from Orem who is now a firefighter-paramedic. “It wasn’t awkward at all.”

According to Swenson, it wasn’t awkward because everyone had the chance to laugh at everyone else. Everyone was having too much fun to worry about what others thought. This date is great but isn’t for the faint of heart.

“I loved seeing people’s reactions to it,” said Higley. “I loved all the looks we got from people when we walked in to Brick Oven.”

The cherry on top — for the girls, at least, since they planned the date so the guys were disadvantaged — was watching half the group use their bad hands.

“It was hard using my left hand, especially when we went bowling,” Swenson said.

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