Desert Noises to release new LP at Velour


In the past five months they have toured around the country (twice), but when they release their album this Saturday, a local venue was their natural choice.

Desert Noises, a Utah-based band, is celebrating the year-long process of making the album “Mountain Sea” with a hometown release show at Velour Live Music Gallery.

The choice of venue was natural, believes Kaneischa Johnson, spokeswoman for Velour, as Desert Noises is one of many bands that have made Velour their home stage.

“It makes a lot of sense that they’d want to do their album release there,” Johnson said. “That’s where they’ve built their following.”

Because this show is a celebration of the band’s hard work, Johnson said she and owner Corey Fox do not want it to be the same as other concerts at Velour; rather, they like to match the effort the band has made in producing the album by going all out.

“I love all of it,” Johnson said. “It’s cool when local albums are determining my playlists all the time and with ‘Mountain Sea’, Desert Noises is definitely topping that list. I’m really proud of where they have taken their music. It’s a really rocking album, honestly.”

Desert Noises frontman Kyle Henderson said the one word he would use to describe the album is “honest.” He said it represents exactly what he and the band experienced while writing it. Because he wrote most of the songs, he said it is personal.

“It was a time in my life where a lot of changes were going on,” Henderson said. “Whatever was happening up to then, in all our lives, I think it all kind of got mixed into the album.”

The band spent the past five months touring the country, by themselves at first and then a second time with Joshua James and Honeyhoney. Henderson said although they see their fan bases growing in every city they play, Velour was the only place to have their release show.

“We’ve played at Velour so much, we thought that would be the best place to do it,” Henderson said. “It’s just a really great place that is willing to give bands a chance. Not a lot of places around the country are willing to do that.”

Local bands Soft Science, Lake Island and Mooninite will open the show. Jared Cisneros, a member of Lake Island and booking agent for Desert Noises, said this show will be more of a party and celebration than traditional concert.

“The guys from Desert Noises, they’re really laid back,” Cisneros said. “If 10 people came to the show, they’d still have as much fun as if it sold out. But it’s going to be big time for us and I think the people who come watch will have just as much fun as we will.”

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