Police Beat 11/28/11: From ducknapping to dorm disaster



Nov. 20: A female reported seeing two individuals feeding ducks while standing very close to the water. One approached and grabbed a duck while the other recorded the event on his cell phone. They put the duck in a bag and ran to an older model pickup truck and drove west down 800 North.

Nov. 28: At Wyview Park, a catalytic converter was stolen from under a vehicle parked on the east side of building 24. This is the fourth catalytic converter stolen this year at BYU.

Nov. 28: A unicycle was stolen from the bike rack near the SWKT. The unicycle is valued at $70.

Disruptive behavior:

Nov. 22: During a BYU basketball game, 39-year-old Daniel Lighten from Riverton was hoisting one of his children by raising his arm and having the child stand on his palm. He had been previously warned to stop because of safety concerns, but he refused to stop. Police directed him to leave the arena. After refusing to leave, he was banned from BYU campus for 72 hours, then arrested and cited for trespassing after continuing to refuse to leave.

Suspicious behavior:

Nov. 25: A suspicious man was reported inside the Smith Fieldhouse sauna. An officer responded, and found the man naked inside the sauna. The man was later identified as Thomas Magarrell, 37, who is a transient and not affiliated with BYU. He passed out soon after the officer arrived, and paramedics were called and took him to the hospital.

Nov. 27: The custodian in the Clyde Building found two people resting on a couch and reported them to police. Both were students.

Nov. 28: A suspicious male was reported in the Tanner Building parking lot. He was acting strange and erratic and tearing up papers. When police arrived they found a bouquet of roses and a paper that said “You will always be remembered.” Police did not remove the bouquet because they were unsure whether it was related to the suspicious behavior.


Nov. 25: Police responded to reports of a then-dead fire outside the WSC. Someone lit a stack of papers on fire, and the only damage was discoloration from smoke. The matter is still under investigation.

Nov. 28: At Helaman Halls, an unknown person broke into a student’s dorm room and defecated on the bed and in the locking drawer, subsequently replacing the student’s lock with another lock to prevent removal of the feces. Nothing was stolen.

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