Letter: Safety


Pedestrians: remember when your parents taught you how to cross the street? Stop. Look both ways. Listen.

Note the order on that, when you come to a road stop first, look to see if any cars are coming, then listen for anything that might be coming that you didn’t notice at first.

I don’t know how many times I’ve seen pedestrians come to a crosswalk and without hesitation blow through the street on their phone or listening to their iPod.

I know you have the right of way, but if a car hits you it’ll still hurt.

Cyclists: two things. First, you know those things in front of you when you ride, they’re called handlebars, use them.

I don’t care if your hands are cold, they should not be in your pockets.

You wouldn’t drive without a steering wheel, don’t ride without using your handlebars.

Second, when riding after dark use lights, if you don’t, you’re breaking the law.

Motorists: you know those red octagons you keep seeing in the streets? They’re called stop signs — you’re supposed to stop at them, even if you think there is no one coming.

By stop, I mean really stop — none of this rolling stop action.

Also, when turning right at a red light stop, look for pedestrians and oncoming traffic then, and only then, go.

Just last week I saw a car hit someone crossing the street because the driver didn’t stop when turning right on red.

I’ve seen far too many accidents around campus this semester — cyclists are hitting pedestrians, cars are hitting pedestrians, pedestrians are running in front of cars and bikes.

It needs to stop.

David Pearson

Casa Grande, Ariz.

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