Flu shots still available


By Christie Richmond

With the holidays coming up there is one gift we don’t want to receive: the flu. Getting a flu shot is easier than ever and may be the answer to staying healthy this season.

Many people say the flu shot is not for them for a variety of reasons. Some won’t get it because of the cost, others say they never get sick, while others won’t get one simply because they don’t like needles.

Lance Madigan, public information officer at the Utah County Health Department, emphasized the importance to get a flu shot every year.

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“Your protection wanes over the year,” he said. “So by getting that new shot, it’s like a booster and it brings your immunity back up and keeps you protected.”

Many different clinics offer the flu vaccine for free, such as local pharmacists and local health departments.  Health officials say that everyone from 6 months to 110 years old should get the flu shot every year.

“I think that getting a flu shot every year is important just because it keeps me healthy,”  Kami Orr said after receiving her annual flu shot.

There are alternatives to the shot for people that aren’t comfortable with needles. Nose mist is available to those people after consulting with a doctor.

Madigan gave a warning to those who feel they don’t need a flu shot because they “never get sick.”

“Those type of people tend to be what we refer to as carriers,” he said. “They may just have it a little bit but then they share it with all their family and friends.”

Madigan said there is no reason to wait for a flu shot. Health officials say it can take 10 to 14 days for that immunity to build up and start functioning fully, so it’s better to get one sooner than later.

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