UVU to host flag football tournament


Utah Valley University’s intramural program will be co-hosting a flag football tournament with video-sharing website Kangaroo Clips and will present the winning team with a promising grand prize.

Kangaroo Clips is giving $1,000 and a gift package from event sponsors to the first-place team. Second place will receive $500 and a gift package, and third place will receive a gift package.

“Everybody is invited to create and register their own team of at least eight and up to twelve players,” said Anna Rose Johnson, Kangaroo Clips public relations and social media manager. “Forty teams have already joined the tournament and we hope to get as much as 180 teams out on the field.”

Kangaroo Clips organized the two-weekend tournament to accommodate the need of several flag football teams wanting to play and only being able to once every couple of weeks. This tournament will give each team an opportunity to play at least three times in one weekend.

“The tournament sounds cool since several teams from all over the area would be there,” said Luke MacDonald, from Nova Scotia, Canada. “The bigger the tournament is then more people are there which makes it more fun.”

The event kicks off on Friday, Dec. 2, at 8 a.m. and lasts through Saturday. The winning teams will advance to a championship bracket Dec. 9-10. The first weekend’s bracket will be done with single elimination and will proceed to double elimination after.

Kangaroo Clips does not plan on canceling the tournament for rain or snow. They hope players will have high spirits to get through a game in any weather condition.

“Even if it’s cold or it rains, it wouldn’t affect my decision in playing, but I wouldn’t blame anyone for not playing in those conditions,” MacDonald said.

Each team is required to pay a $50 tournament fee and can register now online at kangarooclips.com. Registration will be open until the morning of the event. Any team is able to register as long as each player is at least 18 years old.

“It will be a great experience for diehards to show their stuff and win $1,000,” Johnson said. “It’s also a good pick-me-up before finals.”

Kangaroo Clips is looking to have local radio stations and vendors come out and support the event.

“Why not do it? I would get a team of friends just to do it for fun and if we had a shot at the $1,000 then that would be even better,” MacDonald said.

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