Muse Music Cafe hosts Battle of the Bands


The battle has begun.

Bands from all over Provo have gathered to compete in a rigorous one-week event at Muse Music Cafe, a battle if you will, to decide who will attain the title. The competition started Monday and runs through Saturday.

Justin Hyatt, co-owner of Muse, said the battle has precautions that will help the best band rise to the top.

“There are four bands each night, and they each play a set,” Hyatt said. “The winner for each night is decided on by a  vote, each audience member gets two votes and they have to vote for separate bands; that makes it so it’s not just a popularity contest. There’s a winner from each night, Monday through Friday, and Saturday night is the finals, where the winner from each night will again play a set. We have a panel of judges that decide the winner.”

Kenna Flanders, a junior from Kona, Hawaii, studying philosophy, said the battle will be like a sneak peek to the upcoming music scene.

“I’m so excited to hear the bands play because they are what will make up the sound of Provo for the next few years,” Flanders said.

Colin Hatch, the other half of Muse’s ownership, said the judges will in no way be biased.

“I will be on the panel of judges, and Justin will be as well, which is good, just because we see a lot of bands go in and out,” Hatch said. “I think us having seen thousands of shows at Muse really helps us figure which band is the best.”

Hatch gave some advice that could be valuable for some of the competing bands.

“We are looking for bands that put on a great show,” Hatch said. “People are paying to see a performance, they’re not just paying to hear music.”

Tickets are $6 each night, or $8 for an all-week pass, not including Saturday.

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