President Samuelson reviews ROTC cadets on Veterans Day


On Veterans Day, Air Force and Army ROTC cadets put on their dress uniforms and marched to Brigham Square, where President Cecil O. Samuelson reviewed all the cadets.

Presidential Review is an annual event held on Veterans Day. This year, the ROTC also presented the BYU President Patriot Award for Maj. Gen. James Andrus. Andrus graduated from BYU in 1962, and he served in the U.S. Air Force until 1995. He is a command pilot with more than 3,000 flying hours, including more than 700 combat hours.

[easyembed field=”Photogallery”]”On behalf of a grateful university, we congratulate all who are responsible for this day and for these wonderful programs in the Army and Air Force ROTC,” President Samuelson said.

President Samuelson said as they remember the people who died and presently sacrifice their lives, service and time, he is confident BYU cadets will do great things in the future.

While introducing Andrus, Col. Brent Johnson, professor of aerospace studies, reminded cadets of the original meaning of Veterans Day, which honors the casualties of World War I and later any person who served in any war.

“You’re all looking sharp this morning,” Johnson said. “Lieutenant Colonel Boberg and I are immensely proud of each one of you.”

Andrus had the opportunity to serve and learn from many people during his military career. He shared a quote from his home teacher, who happened to be a veteran, that cadets have to trust in the Lord. Andrus said all things shall work together for their good and the Lord will take care of them as they walk uprightly.

“Courage is a precious commodity,” he said.

Andrus referenced the scriptures and his personal experience to encourage cadets to have courage to think right and to do right.

“Learn to forgive those that may not always treat you right,” he said.

Through his experience with Gen. Larry Welch, who was willing to retire rather than choosing to carry out an order that might kill several U.S. pilots, Andrus said cadets must have the integrity to do what is right regardless of personal consequences.

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