Letter: Blue and white date night


One of the great ironies I see at BYU is everyone who is sincerely trying to get married can only find people who aren’t ready for a relationship and everyone who wants to date just for fun can only find people who want to get serious.

Some people even go so far as to delay graduation because they haven’t gotten married yet.

I was discussing this problem with my wife this morning and we came up with a solution: on Fridays, those who need a date for the weekend wear either white or blue.

Wear white if you are ready for a serious relationship and hopefully marriage.

Wear blue if you just want to go out for some fun.

This way, you know what the other person expects and you can approach the opposite sex without worrying if they already have plans.

You can spot someone who also wants a date from across Brigham Square and even have some idea of their commitment level.

The only way dating could be made simpler is arranged marriages and I don’t think any of you really want that.

Ezekiel Merriam
Lewiston, Idaho

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