Police Beat


Suspicious Activity

Nov. 7- A suspicious male with one arm that did not function was reported to be intoxicated in the Wilk. Officers could not find him.

Nov. 6- There were suspicious people camping outside the BYU Bookstore. Officers discovered they were waiting for a book signing the next morning.

Nov. 4- Students in WyView were reported taking pumpkins off steps. They were going to take the pumpkins and build a pyramid outside the WyView multipurpose building. No complaints were made so the students were released.

Nov. 2- A student reported that the conversation she was having with a 51-year-old male in the Wilk was inappropriate. He asked her if she wanted to be his “chickita.” He has had run-ins with the BYU Police before.

Nov. 2- There was a report of a gunshot heard near Maeser Hill. Officers patrolled the area for an hour. They could not confirm it was a firearm. They believe it was a dry ice bomb, which is a felony.

Property Damage

Nov. 4- Chalk art was reported on the JFSB steps to the basement reading “Jesus was a socialist. Occupy.”

Nov. 4- There was chalk art near the Botany Pond and the Maeser stairs.


Nov. 7- A student left an HP touch pad and case, keyboard and charger in an HBLL bathroom. He returned later and could not find it. The property is valued at $400.

Nov. 3- An iPod nano was stolen from the Benson building. It was plugged into portable speakers that were left at the scene.


Nov. 2- A juvenile was arrested on a warrant in Wymount Terrace for violation of probation. The juvenile was taken to Slate Canyon Detention Center.

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