Midnight launch celebrates science-fiction novelist


Between alternate worlds and fictional characters, fans of science-fiction novels explore creative universes created simply by words and pages. One science-fiction novelist is gathering fans to BYU one fantastical page at a time.

Esteemed science-fiction novelist and BYU graduate Brandon Sanderson will appear at the BYU Bookstore on Nov. 8 for a midnight launch of his new book “The Alloy of Law.” The book is the fourth in a series that was thought to be a trilogy. The series takes place in a “steampunk” style world — a future as Victorian-era Brits might have imagined it, with advanced steam-powered machinery similar to those found in Jules Verne or H.G. Wells novels.

Tami Barber, BYU Bookstore promotion and event coordinator, has helped put on three events for Sanderson, including the event that was put on last year in honor of Sanderson, that had more than 300 fans attend. Barber said she believes this year’s event should be well-received, with more than 150 attendees.

“He’s really well-respected in the science-fiction community, and his followers have grown,” Barber said. “He’s very good with his fans. He’s very personable with them and gives them a lot of time and attention. I myself am not a fantasy reader, but I really enjoyed his books that I’ve read.”

The midnight launch event will feature a Q&A with Sanderson, contests, trivia and book signings for all who attend. Leah Withers, a publicist at Tor Books, said she believes Sanderson is a passionate and knowledgeable individual.

“He is one of those authors who is friendly and talks to everyone at his book signings,” Withers said. “He is so great because he is just as big a fan about what he write about. He is very knowledgeable about what he writes about and about the worlds he creates.”

Sanderson is currently writing a novel in a series by Robert Jordan, which Sanderson took over upon Jordan’s death. Sanderson was picked specifically to finish the last book in the series, and according to Withers, fans of Jordan’s “Wheel of Time: New Mistborn” series have completely embraced Sanderson.

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