Letter: Letter from freshman


Dear Freshman Mentoring,

I’m sorry you didn’t properly plan for the demand of ECON 110 bundles for winter semester; I really should think next time before trying to plan my course load efficiently.

Please accept my apologies for attempting to remedy this problem by visiting your office. I’ll try to remember mentioning my concerns to you will only elicit an indifferent response and ultimately prove to be horrifically irritating to the both of us.

I really hope you forgive me for not wanting to take a class that isn’t required of me and doesn’t fulfill my major prerequisites; I now realize I’m not the one who has control over my class schedule.

The bottom line is your organization failed to make my freshman year less stressful. It did just the opposite.

Having to deal with the bureaucracy surrounding your program and your office was anything but helpful.

Having a peer mentor is great, but being subject to your excessively powerful controls over registration is absolutely ridiculous.

I commend the students that work as peer mentors — their influence is not only useful, but also appreciated.

I wish I could say the same for the program they represent.


Reese Haydon 

Grants Pass, Ore.

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