Google comes to BYU


You can be serious without a suit is one of Google’s unofficial mottos. Representatives from this company, famous for its relaxed dress code, gave a presentation Tuesday night for students interested in full-time and internship positions.

Googlers Whitney Bosch, Mary Beth Brown and P.J. Andersen, members of the University Programs team for Google, got students excited about working at their company. From its relaxed dress code to innovative opportunities, Googlers love their job.

Andersen, a BYU alumnus from the class of 2010, majored in business management with a marketing emphasis and currently works for Google.

Students participated in Google trivia, received free food and Google swag and gained valuable information to help them in their goals to work for Google.

“It was nice to learn more about the company,” said Mary Lyman, a junior, majoring in business management. “I really like the culture of the company.”

Lyman said she enjoys how strong BYU is as a school academically. She said one of the benefits of BYU is the school has core values that are attractive to recruiters such as Google.

The presentation focused on the company’s many benefits, as well as attributes Google is looking for in their employees and interns.

“My favorite part was probably understanding what I can do in my situation being early on in my education, and how I can better prepare for a job with Google or for other opportunities that they provide,” said Jeff Penovich, a sophomore studying business management.

The Googlers told students about their lives as Google employees and the opportunities they have within the company. Each employee works with a team to complete assignments. At Google, no one works alone. Working at Google, food is never more than 150 feet away from employees. Innovative ideas are encouraged. Employees are also given one day a quarter to go out into the community and make it a better place.

“It helped me learn a little bit more about Google’s culture, and it gives you a chance to meet and interact with people that actually work for the company,” said Mike Glazier, a senior studying business management.

Several big name companies come to BYU throughout the school year to recruit students studying a variety of subjects.

“I would say that it’s really flattering, it kind of helps you appreciate what a renowned university that BYU is,” Glazier said.

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