News Blog: Occupy whatever


By Katie Barlow

Occupy Wall Street. Occupy London. Occupy Provo. Occupy HBLL.

With the announcement of Occupy Wall Street applying for a trademark, one would wonder how far-reaching this movement really is? Is it a short phase that will die out within a few weeks? Or has the concept of occupying struck such a chord with us that we will still be “occupying” for years to come?

Here’s a roundup of some of the variants and manifestations of “occupy”:

OccupyDesign is a grassroots initiative of designers who put together a website with simple, easy-to-understand visual representations of the Occupy movement including bar charts of income distribution as well as other income distribution designs. According to the site, their goal is to “create freely available visual tools around a common graphic language to unite the 99%. The project places an emphasis on producing infographics and icons to improve the communication of the movement’s messages and the data surrounding them across the world.”

OccupyGeorge seeks to get the word out via designs on dollar bills, such as the average worker pay vs. average CEO pay or the share of income growth in America in the 1920s, 1960s and 2000s.

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Blogger Tom Schreck suggests things he would like occupied, such a Justin Beiber, the Michael Jackson Trial, and the NBA lockout.

Might we suggest:

Occupy cleaning checks

Occupy tests and papers

Occupy parking near campus

Occupy dating – because 1% of girls and guys shouldn’t get a majority of the dates.

Occupy letters to the editor about honor code violations

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