Letter: Pre-reqs a wreck


Is anyone else annoyed that so many classes are restricted to take unless you are in the major or a declared minor student?

We, as young adults, are urged to learn as much as we can and become educated.

Universities around the U.S. force students to take classes they deem essential information all people must know.

They allow each student to take elective classes as well, although students are not free to take classes they want to.

Why is it we as students can’t take classes that interest us, without having to take numerous non-interesting classes first?

In order to take intro to graphic design, it is required to be a visual arts minor/major student and have finished three prerequisites.

Why is this necessary?

I have an interest in learning more about graphic design, but am restricted because I am required to take three other classes first, which then would delay my graduation date.

I feel like BYU is so worried about letting new people into the school they push those who are currently attending out the door as fast as possible and make it nearly impossible to explore different classes that are interesting.

Gregory Rosenhan

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