Letter: Faith and responsibility


The author of “Earth’s steward above all (10/27)” amazed me with her ignorance of God’s words on the issue she wrote of and her consequent harsh and unjustified criticism of the editor’s article.

The author claimed, “this planet is literally incapable of sustaining seven billion people if they all live the editor’s lifestyle.”

This is a failure to recognize God’s words that “the earth is full, and there is enough and to spare; yea, I prepared all things (D&C 104:17).”

God didn’t command us to use earth’s resources with judgment because he foolishly underestimated his children’s needs and then thought he should warn us before we ran out.

He prepared more than enough for as many billions of his children he sees fit to send — Yes, even 7 billion and more — and then commanded us to use judgment to teach us responsibility.

Also, considering modern revelation trumps scripture, if one commandment does supersede the other, “multiply and replenish the earth (The Family: A Proclamation to the World),” wins over the commandment to use the earth’s resources “with judgment, not to excess (D&C 59:20).”

I don’t have enough space to cover all the falsehoods of the author’s letter and the truths that refute them, so I’ll simply exhort her to study the scriptures and teachings of the prophets before she presumes to correct others.

Joshua Butler

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