The best and worst of Halloween


Best treats while trick-or-treating: king-size candy bars, fun dip, popcorn balls, caramel apples, money, cider and donuts, juice boxes and already popped bags of popcorn.

“If you timed it right you could get a 12-pack of Pepsi from our neighbor who is a distributor for Pepsi,” said Matthew Lents from Portland.

“Here’s a tip: try trick-or-treating in rich neighborhoods for maximum looting,” Daniel Spencer from  San Diego, Calif., said.

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Worst treats while trick-or-treating: something half-eaten, pennies, hard bubblegum, fruit, toothbrushes, orange taffy, salt water taffy, black licorice, candy corn and soup.

“Fresh fruit is by far the worst ‘treat’ to receive while trick-or-treating,” Spencer said. “I know old ladies want us to be healthy and all but that’s not cool!”

“Why do people like candy corn? It’s like recycled earwax,” Lents said.

Best Halloween costume seen or worn: Captain Underpants, Power Rangers, the Louisiana oil spill, Captain Fire Fighter, boy on stilts being a 12-foot man, the Joker and a homemade peacock.

“The best Halloween dinner is the one on Harry Potter,” freshman Steven Schaap said. “Wait, was that on Halloween?”

“Some guy answered the door with a full-body suit alien costume on with a chainsaw. In my 8-year-old mind it was the most horrifying thing,” Lents said. “But now that I think about it, he looked like Kermit the Frog.”

Worst Halloween costume seen or worn: no costume and try to go trick-or-treating, Playboy bunnies, crossdressers, anything with lingerie, a Mormon missionary, M&M people, when missionaries switch tags and a pumpkin.

Best pranks pulled on Halloween night: toilet papering a house and spreading glitter when it’s so cold the glitter freezes into the sidewalk.

Worst prank pulled on Halloween night: egging and smashing pumpkins.

Best haunted houses or things about them: Insane Asylum, Nightmare on 13th and houses that use 3D paint to make pictures look like they’re popping out.

Worst haunted houses or things about them: ward activity haunted houses, someone dressed up as Michael Jackson chasing you in the haunted house and when groups are too close together and they get scared right in front of you so you already know what’s coming up and don’t get scared.

Best Halloween traditions: trading candy you don’t like for ones you do after you go trick-or-treating, trick-or-treating, themed parties and haunted houses, carving pumpkins.

Worst Halloween traditions: giving your trick-or-treating candy to charity, ward Halloween parties, trunk-or-treating, stealing children’s candy, having to give the candy out and carving pumpkins.

Best Halloween dinner: Mac ‘n’ Cheese monsters, bread bowls that look like pumpkins and “I don’t eat anything special for Halloween.”

Worst Halloween dinner: fast food, turkey, when you can’t see what you’re eating, spaghetti presented as fake brains and eyeballs.

“The worst is when someone tries to make food that looks like a body part,” Kristen Williams said. “Like hot dogs as fingers, come on. That’s gross.”

Best quote heard or said at the door while trick-or-treating: “Take as much as you want,” “We’re here for the party” and when they ring your doorbell and they say, “I’m here to give you candy.”

Worst quote heard or said at the door while trick-or-treating: “How old are you?” “Sorry, we have no more candy,” “Want to come in and see my pets?” “I don’t believe in Halloween” and “Trick or treat, smell my feet.”

Best things done or seen at BYU on Halloween: group of guys walking around as Jabbawockeez, the scuba diver trying to walk up the library stairs with his two-foot long fins on, a chemistry teacher dressed up as a witch and making homemade root beer for the class, Pac-Man and the ghost chasing each other.

Worst things done or seen at BYU on Halloween: Gothic attire and group of guys walking around as Jabbawockeez.

Vanessa Hill from Provo said, “Usually when I sit in Brigham Square on Halloween and watch people pass by I think to myself, ‘Why are you wearing that? That is never socially acceptable, even if it’s a costume,'” said Vanessa Hill, a student from Provo.

Best Halloween decorations: people pretending to be fake and scaring people, cemetery scene in the yard, witch that looks like it crashed onto the door with a sign next to it that says “Don’t text and drive”‘ and legs and arms coming out of the ground.

Worst Halloween decorations: spiderwebs that get in your hair, the sticky jelly window things that bake onto the windows after you leave it on for the whole month and an electronic spider that drops in front of your face because it’s motion sensored.

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