Occupy Provo occupies Wells Fargo


The now established “Occupy Provo” organization took aims at the financial industry Saturday by demonstrating in front of the Wells Fargo bank building in downtown Provo. Group members hoped to shed light on eight points they consider “grievous acts.”

“It’s not only Wells Fargo, it’s the systemic corruption in this country,” said Josh Smith, a UVU student of communications. “The little guys need to be included, and they aren’t even included, unless the 99 percent get billions of dollars to fight back. We’re getting poorer and poorer and the rich get richer.”

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Protesters with Occupy Provo stand outside of the Wells Fargo building located on University Avenue on Saturday.
Saturday’s protest was the fourth gathering of the “Occupy Provo” branch of the “Occupy” movement.

Charles Wilkinson, a Provo resident, said Wells Fargo was dishonest with patrons’ money.

“The checks and balances to make sure that the opportunities are available for our grandkids need to be put back in place,” Wilkinson said. “They’ve taken TARP money from the taxpayers and then turned around and gave themselves bonuses. If people were really aware of what the leaders of Wells Fargo have done they wouldn’t like it.”

During the demonstration, business at Wells Fargo went on as usual.

Wells Fargo currently employs nearly 280,000 people and serves around 17 million clients.

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