Letter: Earth’s steward above all


The opinion editor astounded me once again with her trite, thoughtless dismissal of real issues.

Her arguments against population control suggested to me she believes the commandment to multiply and replenish the Earth supersedes the commandment to use the resources of the Earth “with judgment, not to excess (D&C 59:20).”

She suggested we “shouldn’t base [our] decision [to have children] on whether or not there will be enough resources for [our] grandchildren’s great-grandchildren.”

This is a failure to acknowledge our stewardship over the world’s resources, a large part of which plays into our daily lifestyle.

This planet is literally incapable of sustaining seven billion people if they all live the editor’s lifestyle — that of a privileged, white American.

The editor seems to believe having as many children as you can, regardless of whether the world’s resources can support them in that lifestyle, will be pleasing to God.

However, if you and your children continue in this lifestyle, your ability to have those children in prosperity can only come about because other people’s children suffer in poverty.

This is not just and cannot be pleasing to God.

I believe the problems caused by overpopulation could be solved by improved distribution of the world’s resources rather than population control.

I believe I, like you, have stewardship over this planet and if I want to populate it with children, I am also responsible for living a sustainable lifestyle so everyone — current and future generations — can continue to enjoy the blessings of parenthood.

Sierra Debenham
Eagle River, Alaska

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