BYUSA hosts football party


Cougars are not known to be found in packs, but they can all be found in one place Friday night intimidating their prey, the TCU Horned Frogs.

BYUSA is projecting the BYU vs. TCU game on two large screens in the Wilkinson Center at 6 p.m. and is inviting all students and fans to join their party. They hope people show up to increase involvement, passion and support for BYU Athletics.

“We want to build BYU as a brand and this is a chance to share a mutual love and passion for sports,” said senior Josh Belnap. “We want to show the student-athletes we support them regardless of their wins or losses.”

The event is free and BYUSA will provide free popcorn and water. T-shirts, coupons and discounts will be given out as prizes during commercial breaks keeping fans pumped up every second of the game. They said this party is the next best thing after actually being there for the game.

“We haven’t been able to beat TCU for years and this is going to be the year we beat them,” said junior Drew Troutner.

Even though it’s a Friday night, students promise it’s an event worth coming out to.

“As much as I like staying home watching a game with a few buds on a Friday, I’d much rather be at a party and this party just so happens to be showing a football game,” Garret MacKay said. “TCU has outscored BYU 101-17 the last three meetings; it’s time for some payback.”

The committee wants to instill a greater sense of pride at BYU. They want to restore old traditions and bring about new ones. Their goal is to establish a home for the student body of BYU.

“We want to get people on board and excited and really cement a strong foundation of rich tradition here at BYU,” Belnap said. “We want to keep moving forward and increase BYU exposure to members and nonmembers.”

BYUSA praises the great athletic tradition at BYU with the all-American quarterbacks, Heisman Trophy winners, John R. Wooden award winners and various all-American Olympic sport athletes. While BYU has a great sports tradition, BYUSA said the school’s sports culture could be improved.

“We want students to come here and to become converted to BYU sports so when their hometown team plays BYU, they are cheering for the right team,” MacKay said.

The committee’s main goal is to generate more excitement around campus. BYU experienced Jimmermania last year, and BYUSA hopes to keep the same hype and excitement all year long.

Fans are encouraged to come as early as 5:30 and bring all their friends. BYUSA said it is more than showing BYU pride, it’s about supporting student-athletes who give countless hours to put on a show we enjoy.

“At the end of the game we want students to get excited, ring the Victory Bell and go to the airport to welcome the team home,” Belnap said.

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