James Evans is Orem’s new interim mayor


OREM — James Evans was named interim Mayor of Orem in a unanimous vote by the city council Tuesday night.

Evans, who has run for mayor in the past as well as serving on the city council, said he was pleasantly surprised when he was chosen to replace Mayor Jerry Washburn, who died of cancer in September.

“I came tonight, and I was going to go home and relax,” Evans said. “There’s some great people that they had to choose from, and so when they said my name I thought ‘No, it’s not me.'”

Evans, who graduated BYU in 1982 with a bachelor’s degree in organizational communications, said he was eager to serve as mayor in Orem but had no definite plans about re-election.

“I’ve never said that I wouldn’t run in two years, but I wanted to get in right now and this gives people a chance to see what I can do and they’ll decide in two years if they’d even want to elect me,” Evans said.

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