Romance at the Costco


Walking through a warehouse might not seem like a great first date, but between the free samples and tasty gelato, looking at bulk food and flat-screen televisions adds a fun spin for an inexpensive date.

Costco, well-known for its numerous supply of bulk food items, offers several food choices and a fun alternative for a date night. Although the yearly Costco membership fee is $50, students can save money by buying in bulk.

The Orem Costco, at 648 E. 800 South, is an inexpensive way to have fun on a weekend or for family home evening. The Costco food court offers such items as pizza, a chicken bake, hot dogs, churros and chocolate almond yogurt.

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Costco - for more than just groceries in bulk.

Jeannine Ahern, an Orem Costco manager, recalled her years as a college student trying to find inexpensive dinner options.

“It is very inexpensive, and it’s good,” Ahern said. “It’s cheap, especially for students. I remember when my family was in school, we would come to Costco for a cheap, good meal.”

Laura Hodgen, a former BYU student who graduated from BYU in biology education, and her husband, Alex, have spent many Saturday nights at Costco.

“We love the food,” Hodgen said. “It’s cheap, and we like to go get the free samples too. It’s a fun date for students who are trying to get by. Plus, their gelato is delicious.”

Alex Hodgen, also a former BYU student, especially enjoys the sample demos, which are different every day and end at 6 p.m., when it comes to walking around Costco.

“It’s a nice way to spend some quality time together, because you’re essentially window shopping,” he said. “Also, we get to walk around, talk about our week, and get frees samples. It’s surprisingly relaxing.”

Along with the food choices and free samples, students can also look at the engagement rings in the jewelry case, watch a movie on 3-D televisions, take silly pictures with the cameras on display and relax in massage chairs.

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