Police Beat 10-18-11



Oct. 14 – A female reported noticing a male following her to class, sitting in on her classes and waiting for her after class. She reported there was no set pattern to the stalking. The female was given an officer’s business card to contact in future interaction with the stalker.

Suspicious Activity

Oct. 14 – A mother reported her daughter receiving suspicious texts from an unknown number. The daughter sent text messages and exchanged phone calls with the individual for several hours. The caller stated he knew her cousin and was in her English class. Officers contacted the caller, who stated that he was currently with the daughter’s cousin and they were just playing a joke. No harm was meant by the caller or the cousin.

Oct. 15 – Two adults were reported looking through bike racks at Wyview Park.


Oct. 15 – Security officers at the Harold B. Lee Library caught an individual attempting to steal a book. The individual was not affiliated with the university and had changed the front cover of the book and thrown the original cover in the trash to attempt to get rid of the sensor. Officers issued the individual a misdemeanor citation for library theft.

Oct. 18 – Bookstore security caught a juvenile attempting to steal a bag of candy. The juvenile was referred to juvenile court.

Disorderly Conduct

Oct. 16 – Two dogs were reported swimming in the Botany Pond and chasing the ducks. Officers approached two men near the scene and the men claimed the dogs. Owners did not cooperate with the police at first and finally left the area.

Public Peace

Oct. 15 – A fight was reported at Wyview Park. The caller reported four loud voices near the volleyball courts. Officers arrived and found a group of students playing a game of acting out adverbs. The adverb the individuals heard being acted out was “aggressively.”

Vehicle Burglary

Oct. 14 – A locked vehicle parked in the lot west of Building One was broken into during the night. Property valued at $1,500 was stolen, including a stereo, GPS system and the instrument panel from the dashboard.

Criminal Mischief

Oct. 14 – Individuals leaving Wendy’s reported having eggs thrown at them. No injuries were sustained.

Oct. 18 – Custodians reported graffiti on a glass door at the JFSB near the east hallway.


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