Letter: Occupy HBLL


Things need to change.

As a BYU student who has parents who pay for my tuition, I am frustrated with hard working and studious students receiving higher grades than me.

Why does the 1 percent deserve all of the As?

It simply is not fair to all of us “average Joe” students who spend our time fraternizing with the opposite sex, playing video games and following Jimmer on Twitter.

We cannot let the 1 percent control our futures any longer.

We, the 99, will rebel against these unfair practices by going to the HBLL and not leaving until we get what we want.

Our plan is simple:  students will continue studying, working and socializing as they heretofore have but the top 1 percent of students in every class will have their points redistributed amongst their classmates to produce a parity.

We will stay in the HBLL until these demands are met.

To prove our commitment we will not study or do homework while occupying the HBLL.

We do not ask for much, simply fairness. We want what they have.

By doing this BYU and its students will achieve a level of mediocrity and fairness never before imagined.

This will equalize the 1 percent’s opportunity to work, study, do homework and run all of our service clubs while the rest of us don’t even have that opportunity because we were forced to stay up until 2 a.m. watching Divine Comedy skits on YouTube.

The 99 shall triumph with Occupy HBLL.

Cameron  Clarke and Daniel Stakland
Santa Clara

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