“Jimmerman” keeps Jimmermania alive



Just when fans thought Jimmermania left Utah, “JIMRMAN” is trying to bring it back — seven characters at a time.

“These are live license plates and can actually be used on a vehicle,” said Glenn Parks, also known as “Jimmerman.” “I have over 30 of them and none of them can be duplicated.”

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Glenn Parks, also known as Jimmerman, has over thirty unique license plates with references to Jimmer Fredette.
Parks is a 56-year-old BYU student majoring in environmental science who began creating, registering and collecting Jimmer license plates halfway through the Jimmer Show.

“I thought it was a semi-crazy idea at first and then after some thought I knew people would find some kind of interest in it,” said Dee Olsen, a long-time friend of Parks.

Parks created the license plates to pay tribute and remember his favorite BYU sports hero and basketball player. He claims Jimmer is not only a great athlete but also a good example to his daughter and a great entertainer.

People often say not to rant and rave about basketball games and athletes, but Park said it’s good, clean entertainment in comparison to movies and actors these days.

“I have never seen such a consistent phenomenon quite like Jimmer in all my basketball experience,” he said.

Some nights when Parks is almost asleep, four or five more ideas will pop in his mind. He’s thought of more than 100 ideas for more license plates but doesn’t plan on registering all of them unless someone can find a good way to artistically display his collection.

“I’m hoping to find a student interested in turning these Jimmer license plates into an art form that would be a fitting tribute to Jimmermania,” Parks said. “I can envision it being displayed somewhere on campus one day.”

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Glenn Parks, also known as Jimmerman, has over thirty unique license plates with references to Jimmer Fredette.

If the plates get well known enough, Parks said he hopes Jimmer will have an interest, want to see it and then meet him.

“Maybe he’ll even ask me for the JMRSGRL licenses plate for his fiancee,” Parks said.

Some of Parks’ plates can be read and understood at first glance. JIMMER, JIMMERD and JIMMER32. Other license plates were inspired by signs made at basketball games and take some thought to mix and match characters with words. 3FBYJMR (three if by Jimmer), JIMMR43 (Jimmer for three) and MITNJMR (vote for Mitt and Jimmer).

“I’m always surprised by his ideas. He comes up with unique ones all the time,” said Logan Wright from Orem. “People have been amazed at what he’s created.”

Parks went to the Jimmer All-Star game, parked in the Marriott Center parking lot and placed a dozen plates in his car windows. He drove around the parking lot and people began to stare in his direction. People took pictures and even followed his car.

“Jimmermania got a life on its own, but Jimmermania itself is just as important as the person,” Parks said.

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