BYU men’s soccer team puts high numbers on scoreboard


The BYU men’s soccer team won two blow-out games against Utah State University and Boise State University to end its month-long fall season, as well as a broken arm.

The Cougars were quick to score early in the game and kept making goals until the last second.

The team walked away from both games with high-scoring wins; 4-0 against Utah State and 9-0 against Boise State.

“The key to our success was focusing on connecting with the forwards and the whole team keeping a positive attitude throughout the entire week,” BYU assistant coach Chad Sackett.

Mike Moreno and David Gates scored the first two points in the first half of the game against Boise State. Garrett Gee, Dallin Cutler, Lance Smith and McKay Corbett each took a goal, and Winston Sorhaitz added three more points to the scoreboard in the second half.

“This game was about coming together as a team,” Sorhaitz said. “This is one of the best performances I’ve had at BYU and it’s a good way to end before I leave for my mission.”

Gates was praised by his coaches for doing a good a job on receiving and keeping the ball. His efforts paid off when he scored with a rare bicycle kick for the second goal of the game. The crowd went wild as everyone jumped out of their seats in disbelief.

“It was surreal and I’ve never scored a goal that well,” Gates said. He gives credit to his teammates who shielded off the defenders and opened up the opportunity for him to shoot.

Boise State head coach Dallas Albretsen said he applauds BYU’s great soccer program and the athletes who played Saturday night.

“BYU’s team is on a whole other level,” Albretsen said. “We usually don’t lose by more than a point, but we came out here and got spanked.”

The team scored four points over Utah State on Friday’s game. Garret Losee shot the first goal and later broke his arm in the first half. Three more points were added to the scoreboard by Jantzen Romney, Gates and Colby Bauer in the second half.

This is the first time in a long time the men’s soccer team has scored this many goals in a game. Sackett said the team needed this big win because they went the entire Premier Development League without seeing the back of the net.

“We finished lots of goals tonight, that’s the secret to any soccer team, professional or not,” Sackett said. “Ending like this will help us propel into the spring season.”

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