Technology blog: Apple’s new upgrade released


Those with iPads, iPhones and iPods rejoice. Apple released its latest software update Wednesday boasting 200 new capabilities, to soar yet again above rival droids, Kindles and other mobile technology. So if you’re trying to contact friend or family members who happen to own an iPhone, you might try another day. They’ll probably be downloading their update.

So what’s new? Welcome the iCloud, similar to Amazon’s recently announced Cloud Drive. This new addition lets Apple-users now sync wirelessly, an ability customers have been patiently demanding for a while. This streamlines the syncing process, updating all Apple devices immediately. And it’s first five GB are free, which mirror’s Amazon’s cloud service.

With the release of iCloud, developers and tech blogs like Engadget are already fantasizing about future possibilities and developments.

“While iCloud in its current incarnation is nice, we’re more stoked for what it could bring in the near future as developers begin to take advantage of that storage locker,” Engadget’s iOS 5 Review said. “In baking this kind of functionality into every iOS 5 device, we hope it won’t be long before we start seeing the kind of continuous client apps we’ve always dreamed of.”

For social media addicts, another significant update includes the integration of Twitter into iOS 5. Directly tweeting photos, videos from YouTube or from apps in general will now shave years off your life.

Other new abilities include improved camera features, iMessage, a notification center, newsstand and reminders. iMessage has the possibility of changing the texting world and cell provider texting plans, because iOS 5 users can now send messages over Wi-Fi or 3G.

Business Insider reported that updating the software is already proving to be a headache for eager customers, with many receiving errors. Beginning Wednesday morning and into the afternoon, websites like Mashable asked for users’ experiences with downloading and installing iOS 5.

For those waiting out the internal errors while the whole world downloads the new upgrade, check out the list and descriptions of the other 193 features available.

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