News blog: Blackberry outage crosses the pond


By Derrick Lytle

After multiple days of scattered blackouts across Europe, Africa and the Middle East RIM‘s messaging problems are now gracing the US population and consumers are upset about it.

Blackberry users in the US began noticing problems with their devices earlier today with the problems affecting how users are able to send and receive e-mail and other messages on their devices.

The problem stems from the vast usage of Blackberry devices all over the world and the backlog that has built up over time according to David Yach, Vice President of RIM software.

Unlike other smartphones available on the market all messages sent through a Blackberry device go through Blackberry’s encrypted servers for security. This is where the backlog occurred. Blackberry made a point to say that currently there is no sign of hacking.

Blackberry users are unsympathetic though about the cause of the problem and this could mean disaster for RIM with Apple’s release of the iPhone 4s.

“Dear BlackBerry these past few days have been tough, will be burning my bb on the 14th October for a brand new iPhone 4s,” said @jimmy Hype in a tweet.

According to Financial Times RIM’s stock prices are falling and down 2.2% during the current messaging fiasco.

To help answer the massive amounts of complaints received concerning the messaging outage RIM has set up an update page with the latest updates about the problem and is regularly posting new information.

With Apple’s latest releases, Android making a push in the mobile market, the real question is, how will this technical issue affect the Blackberry?


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