Police Beat, Oct. 4 to Oct. 11


Criminal Mischief

Oct. 9  Someone broke into a dorm room of Helaman Halls. When the student returned he found his clothes, backpack and bed filled with trash, all of the drawers open and words written on the walls with toothpaste.

Oct. 8  Police found the words “question everything” painted on a partition in a men’s bathroom in the JFSB.

Oct. 6  BYU workers went to winterize a home owned by BYU and found the back door kicked in. Nothing was missing because nothing was in the house.

Disorderly Conduct

Oct. 10  Officers received a complaint about students throwing water balloons at passing motorists but were unable to find the perpetrators.

Oct. 8 Students were arrested and cited in two separate incidents at the football game for throwing objects.

Oct. 7  Officers responded to a possible fight at the ITB. A couple was arguing about who would drive the car home. The woman was upset because her husband wanted her to drive. No crime was committed.

Suspicious Activity

Oct. 8  A suspicious female was reported repeatedly entering the Hinckley Center and leaving personal items in the coat closet. She was asked not to leave her things there and her bicycle was impounded. No crime was committed.

Oct. 7 A man was reported looking in car windows near Culinary Services. Police were unable to locate the suspect.

Missing person

Oct. 9  A student was reported missing. When officers arrived, the student had returned.

Oct. 8  Someone was reported missing from the football game. They were later reunited with their party.


Oct. 8  Three males climbed on top of John Hall. They were arrested and cited for trespassing.


Oct. 9  A student was reported for taking a bag of ice from a university cooler at the football game.

Oct. 8  A juvenile reportedly stole an $18 BYU hat from the Cougar Den. He is being remanded to juvenile court.

Oct. 8 Police are investigating the theft of BYU game-day flags from outside LaVell Edwards Stadium.

Oct. 6 A student reported a missing backpack at the Cannon Center. The backpack was later found. It had been misplaced.

Info Report

Oct. 9  Three individuals were contacted about trademark violations for handing out fliers containing the BYU logo.


Oct. 10  A minor accident was reported involving a motor scooter and a bicycle. The biker was slightly injured. He was treated and released by EMTs at the scene.

Found Property

Oct. 8  Movies 8 gave police officers five BYU IDs and one debit card that cleaning crews had found.


Oct. 8  Two males were given warnings for skateboarding on campus.


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