City Council accepting applications


The Provo City Council is now accepting applications to fill the vacancy created by Steve Turley’s resignation.

According to a news release, “Any registered voter whose principle residence is within the City of Provo, and is interested in being appointed to fill this vacancy through January 3, 2012, may submit their name and a letter of intent for consideration.”

In a September interview, Quin Monson, a professor of political science at BYU, said local elections are a great way for BYU students to help make changes in the community.

“If students want to get involved in Provo City politics and make a difference, the best thing they can do is get involved in a campaign,” Monson said. “These local elections are wonderfully permeable.”

Interested parties must mail or fax in their applications by Oct. 27.

The Municipal Council will hold an initial public meeting on Nov. 1 to select two applicants for final consideration. The council will then hold a public meeting on Nov. 15 to consider the final two candidates and select one to fill the vacancy.

Students interest in running for the open position should submit their letters of intent to Matthew Taylor at .

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