Letter: Never partisan


If the UN’s ‘biggest mistake’ was granting legitimacy to Israel in 1947, then what business does the UN have further interfering with any member-state’s sovereignty by granting legitimacy to an insurrectionist movement within its borders?

Let the Palestinians lay aside their terroristic diplomacy, if they desire statehood and decline aid from their provocateur benefactor, Iran.

Hamas and Fatah are hardly fit to rule the turf they currently claim, let alone the Jewish settlements they would gladly eviscerate.

Israel, while far from innocent, won’t peacefully cede its current land claims to a national single-state of Palestine.

Their tacitly possessed nuclear arsenal could easily incinerate a single-state solution before it could even tie its shoes.

The culprit of your bankruptcy lies more in domestic and less in foreign policy.

We, along with so many other states, are laboriously transitioning to an increasingly globalized and nebulous world.

Dogmatic or partisan are two things we surely cannot afford to be.

Alan Taylor
Keller, Texas


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