A club for everyone on campus


There are more than 80 clubs on BYU campus, ranging from dance to music to humor to martial arts.

Devin Singh is the vice president of clubs for BYUSA which oversees all campus clubs. Although his hands are full, Singh stays positive and always encourages people to learn more about clubs on campus.

“Some students don’t know how to get involved and have a hard time fitting in,” Singh said. “Clubs provide a place for people with similar interests to get together.”

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BYU has more than 80 clubs.

One way BYUSA encourages students to get involved is by holding a weekly club night in the Wilkinson Center. Club night is basically a showcase of different clubs from around campus. These Tuesday nights are usually enhanced by performances from one of the many musical clubs and also consist of a big sampling of clubs showing off their programs and trying to invite new members to join. Club nights are from 7 to 10 p.m. and they are open to anyone.

Singh said one of the major reasons more students don’t join clubs at BYU is because of a lack of commitment or simply because they don’t know where to go. Singh encouraged all students to join clubs for the benefit of others if not for their own benefit.

Jen Gordon, from Sacramento, Calif., is the executive director in charge of advertising and reiterated Singh’s plea to get involved.

“There really is a place for everyone,” Gordon said. “Its just a fun way to get involved.”

BYUSA clubs department also oversees a week-long fundraising event called Care Week, and this year it is Nov. 28 to Dec. 2. Clubs from around campus put on their own fundraising events which have previously included concerts, shoe drives, dances and other creative events and activities to make money for non-profit organizations.

“Care week is a great chance for students and for the university to give back to the community and to the world,” Gordon said.

The clubs department of BYUSA has many volunteers who help club presidents and members in a variety of ways. Joel Mehan is the executive director in charge of starting new clubs, maintaining integrity among existing clubs and bringing back inactive clubs. He is sometimes jokingly referred to as the missionary of the clubs department for his efforts in helping clubs continue to grow. Mehan is a firm believer in club participation.

“Everyone should join a club,” Mehan said. “If you’re not in a club, you’re not in BYU.”

Students interested in joining or starting a club can visit 3400 WSC, visit clubs.byu.edu or simply drop by clubs night.

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