Tour Sundance, skiing optional


Beautiful mountain terrain, cold crisp air and a hot cup of cocoa are all part of the scenic lift experience at Sundance Resort.

Whether it is dinner and a movie, local frozen yogurt shops or the dollar theater, students seek new ideas for dates. One popular local event takes place just several minutes up the canyon.

Sundance Resort offers scenic lift rides during the summer and fall before the ski season starts. Each month, June through October, the lifts are open the days of a full moon. The trip up the mountain gives riders a panoramic view of the mountains.

Sundance lets you ride the lift and take in the view, with or without your skiing and snowboarding gear.

“It truly is a great date night, and a lot of our success comes from just that,” said Czar Johnson, director of mountain operations at Sundance.

Families, older couples and young daters enjoy the unique ride to the top of Ray’s summit.

“I think it is a great dating idea,” said Joseph Bryson, a sophomore studying business. “It allows for time to talk to my date while enjoying nature, the moon and the outdoors together. I never have to worry about anything, the scene is set for me.”

Sundance offers many outdoor activities outside of the ski season, but the scenic lift ride is one of a kind. And they are affordable at $11 per person, or only $16 for two rides, which makes it a guaranteed great date. Ski passes from last season or the upcoming one cover ride costs.

“It was a great atmosphere with so many people wanting to enjoy the lifts and then having time to get to know my date on the ride up the mountain,” said Kaitlin O’Connor, a junior majoring in humanities.

The moonlight lift is open 8:30-11 p.m. and rides are open several days per month during the full moon. This month, Sundance Resort will open the lift Tuesday and Wednesday, Oct. 11-12. Group reservations are available. For more information visit or call 801-223-4849.

“We have on average 800-1,500 visitors per night,” Johnson said. “Our summer scenic programs really allow anyone to get up and have a great experience, and enjoy the outdoors while spending time together.”

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