Don H. Staheli’s lecture: It’s the principles of the thing


BYU Homecoming week continued with a series of college-honored alumni lectures on Thursday. Donald H. Staheli, a well-known LDS author and BYU alumnus, spoke about principles of life.

Staheli has a master’s degree in international management and social work at BYU. He also served as a personal secretary for President Gordon B. Hinckley and as a mission president in Paris. The theme of his lecture was what people can learn if they pay attention to life lessons.

“There is not a soul in this room that does not hope for wisdom and hope to have good judgment,” Staheli said.

He said if everyone listens carefully enough to the voice of their heart, it will guide them to develop wisdom and good judgment. He also gave references from the scriptures, especially the Doctrine and Covenants, that emphasize the important of principles in life.

He said everyone can learn the principles not only from other people but also from their own experiences. Staheli shared a few important principles that can help students to improve their life, including “never climb higher than you are willing to fall.”

One of the principles Staheli focused on is how to have good judgment in life. He defined good judgment as having the ability to make a choice that will maximize positive results. He said good judgment cannot be taught but can be learned.

“We have to have the courage to stand firm for the things that are right,” Staheli said. “As we stand firm against the evils of the life, they will vanish.”

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